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Libary User Services – Counter Proposal

Published: 19th March, 2021

stack of books with words "not borrowed since 2016? University executives seem to believe such books are redundant!"

Colleagues at risk of redundancy have been encouraged to offer counter proposals to the business cases against them. In several of the eight targeted units and departments, at-risk staff have done just that, spending many hours. Here is the Counter Proposal created by our colleagues in the library. It’s a redacted version, in which direct…

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On dignity and respect…

Published: 19th March, 2021

“I no longer have words for the University’s executives. At least not words I can utter here without breaching the policy.” On dignity & respect at our University, where our “leaders” give us none.

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Published: 18th March, 2021

imagined image of Martin Luther nailing 10 theses

Is the governance of our University at Leicester ‘fit for purpose’, when it has allowed our University to come to such reputational and financial harm?  How can the governance of our University be changed to ensure this never happens again? Where is the University’s Strategic plan? How can staff be expected to align their work…

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Leicester UCU in 2 – Mar 15

Published: 15th March, 2021

In this week’s 2-minute summary, we reflect on what it means, during the week of International Womens’ Day, for so many women at the University of Leicester to be at risk of redundancy.

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Mathematics at Leicester: Letter to Professor Canagarajah

Published: 11th March, 2021

Screen grab of Institute of Mathematics webpage

Letter sent from Dr Nira Chamberlain, president of the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications. You can also read the letter here in the context of other University of Leicester mathematics-related events and news. The Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) exists to support the advancement of mathematical knowledge and its applications and to promote…

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