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Leicester UCU member views on the pay-and-equalities dispute

Published: 28th January, 2020

Last week we emailed all members of Leicester UCU asking whether they supported the following motion, which was suggested by UCU members elsewhere. We also asked for more general views (free-form text response) on the conduct of our ‘four fights’ dispute (on pay, gender pay gap, casualistion and workloads). The motion is below. We stressed…

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Leicester UCU – End-of-Year Quiz 2019

Published: 12th December, 2019

How much do you know about University of Leicester, Leicester UCU and the key events of 2019 in the sector we work and struggle in? Test your knowledge against our end-of-year quiz. You can either answer the questions online or print out a copy. Why not make several copies and do them with your workmates…

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Statement re: ‘Precarity on Trial’

Published: 6th December, 2019

We have heard from some colleagues and friends that the ‘panto’ that we gave during the strike upset some people. We sincerely apologise for causing any distress to our peers and colleagues. Our intention was to use the satire and parody of a particular case to highlight some of the widespread and incredibly damaging problems…

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#LeicsUniStrike 2019 – Day 8: Satire and parody: The full report

Published: 5th December, 2019

”Conflict is not abuse, criticism is not abuse…sometimes parody is all we have left.” – Dr Jo Grady We gave you a taste of what went on on our picket lines on the last day of #UCUStrikesBack yesterday. There was dance, music and song, there were the usual cakes and samosas, the Christmas Tree of…

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#LeicsUniStrike 2019 – Day 8: Satire and parody: Will the real Jo Grady please stand up…

Published: 4th December, 2019

Well, what a day. We are, as you can imagine, all exhausted after eight days on the picket lines, so a full review of Day 8 will appear tomorrow, but, in brief, it was a fun day and we were all in good spirits (and not just because of the mulled wine). Strikemas was heartily…

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#LeicsUniStrike 2019 – Day 5

Published: 29th November, 2019

Raise the Rafters: THIS IS WHAT DEMOCRACY LOOKS LIKE! Day 5 on the UCU Leicester picket line and what a day it was. The official theme of the day was the Great Picket Bake Off, but unofficially, today was about singing, dancing, chanting and protest. As for the formal theme, there were delicious brownies, on-brand…

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Strike Handbook

Published: 15th November, 2019

This is the Leicester UCU Strike Handbook 2019 – covering all strike plans and advice for the strike taking place between 25th November and 4th December. This page will be updated as strike plans and events change – please check regularly for updates. Last revision: 10 December 2019 Contents Picket line locations Picket line organization…

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Jane Hutton’s Open letter to UUK regarding USS valuations

Published: 11th September, 2019

Leicester UCU members may be interested in Jane’s struggles in obtaining information to assess USS deficit claims:

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30-minute solidarity climate stoppage

Published: 6th August, 2019

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USS Trade Dispute – Letter to institutions

Published: 7th June, 2019

In line with the decisions of the higher education sector conference (HESC) 2019, this letter was sent to the University establishing a potential dispute over USS. Further information is available here.

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